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Follow paranormal investigator Jason Higgs and his team as he is locked in alone to investigate the country's most haunted locations!
Jason on Location
Jason has been interested in the paranormal since being a young lad. When he was just 9 years old he had his first spooky encounter and has been searching for a reason for that experience ever since. At 15 he joined BUFORA (British UFO Research Association) and regularly interviewed witnesses to otherworldly brief encounters.

His search for the supernatural took hold when he joined a Cornwall Paranormal Group and in 2007 he Co-founded Supernatural Investigations (UK) with 5 other members. Jason has performed hundreds of Investigations all over the UK and abroad. In 2010 Jason co-authored 'Paranormal Cornwall' with his colleague Stuart Andrews and later The History Press published and released his book, 'Haunted Bodmin Moor'.
Jason & Kevin on Location
Kevin Hynes is Encounters Resident Medium and Investigator and assists Jason on the planning of the Investigations.  Kevin was born and brought up in Plymouth. His interest into ghosts and the supernatural stretches back to his early childhood. Since 2001 Kevin has been actively investigating the paranormal, which includes spending time at a wide array of some of the top most haunted locations throughout the UK.

Kevin has had his fair share of paranormal experience's over the years, but is always looking to find a rational explanation to the cause of supernatural occurrences with out presuming that the unexplainable is 100% paranormal. He is also the founder of Haunted Plymouth which specialises in Plymouth Ghost Walks and Investigations into the paranormal 

Encounters Episodes

You can see all the latest Episodes of Encounters as part of our You Tube Channel Encounters here.  You can also follow all the latest information and gossip via our Facebook Page / Twitter Page and also find us on The Dark Zone.  Encounters was filmed on location around the UK and was produced by Primal Image Pictures
Encounters Official Trailer
Duration: 2 minutes
Bodmin Jail 1 of 3
Duration: 5 minutes
Bodmin Jail 2 of 3
Duration: 6 minutes
Bodmin Jail 3 of 3
Duration: 8 minutes
Margam Castle 1 of 5
Duration: 4 minutes
Margam Castle 2 of 5
Duration: 6 minutes
Margam Castle 3 of 5
Duration: 6 minutes
Margam Castle 4 of 5
Duration: 5 minutes
Margam Castle 5 of 5
Duration: 4 minutes
Davidstow Airfield 1 of 3
Duration: 17 minutes
Davidstow Airfield 2 of 3
Duration: 25 minutes
Davidstow Airfield 3 of 3
Duration: 14 minutes
The Dark Zone - Encounters LIVE
Duration: 66 minutes
Our story so far...
Duration: 3 minutes
Dead End Part 1
Duration: 31 minutes
Dead End Part 2
Duration: 33 minutes

Latest News

Want to know what the Encounters Team are up too?  Then please take a look at our Latest News below or for a more interactive and detailed look at our latest projects, head over to our FaceBook or Twitter Page.

8th May 2020

Jason Higgs from Encounters to be part of the big LIVE Stream from The Dark Zone Lockdown Feature, The House

Jason Higgs from Encounters will taking part in the new Lockdown Worldwide Phenomena, The House.  For a while week the house from "The Conjuring" will be LIVE streaming every room 24/7,  The current family,  the Heinzens, have lived in the house for which the film is based on, for almost a year and from the 9th May, they will be part of a Paranormal LIVE Stream beaming around the world.  Over the week the show will feature many guests including Andrea Perron, part of the Perron family that inspired the film.  Other guests include Dave Schrader, Susan Slaughter, Patrick Doyle, Jay Verberg, Jimmy Church and Encounters very own Jason Higgs, as well as others.  To sign up to see this extraordinary event, head on over to The Dark Zone to find out more...

5th May 2020

Lockdown signals a new Encounters show called Encounters: Debrief

During this period of uncertainty and unprecidented experiences we have been unable to film new project we have planned for, for over a year.  So we have comprimised!  We are using this time in Lockdown as a chance to reflect and discuss our experiences during Encounters filming over the last 3 years.  Starting next week we are going to look back over some of the most memorable moments from filming and discuss and potentially rationalise some of the most bizarre situations and experiences we had.  What's more, we want YOU to be involved too!  Please watch our Encounters Videos and make comments / questions / discussions on the videos themselves or via our Facebook page and we will present those in our new Videocast "Encounters: Debrief".  Each week we will look at a different episode and attempt to break down the contents and try to understand what we believe was really going on, or why do we think certain things happened.  Please contact us below or make comments on YouTube or FaceBook


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